The story so far

We are a small group of Jesus’ friends looking after 3.2 acres of land in Suffolk that we believe has a special place in God’s heart and a unique role to play in the coming of His kingdom. The story began miraculously and the things we have experienced since then have confirmed that this calling is supernatural and holy. This is not our project or work. This is a work of the Holy Spirit to bring glory and honour to the name of Jesus. We get to watch and wonder.

900 years ago, Christians worshipped on this land. The time came, however, when the gatherings stopped, the songs and prayers fell silent and the chapel walls crumbled and fell.

Now the Lord is restoring worship to the land. It is what He said he would do.

“I will rebuild the House of David which has fallen, I will rebuild its very ruins and I will set it up again” Acts 15:15

He has called us to care for New Chapel Farm as a place of restoration and invite those in need of restoration to come and be blessed.

The beauty, peace and comfort of New Chapel Farm creates an ideal setting in which to draw closer to God and experience the extravagance and transforming power of his love. He has prepared a place for you and He will bless all those who come.

Old Chapel Farm used to be a working farm with cattle and chickens and more than 130 acres of land. It was named Old Chapel Farm because the ruins of St Margaret’s chapel stand on the land. The chapel was built in 1104. Around 1996 most of the farmland was sold off leaving just over 3 acres with the farmhouse and outbuildings. In 2016 the current owners, Richard and Claire, purchased the property and renamed it New Chapel Farm, to reflect the new thing that God was and is doing.

In the first 3 years development has included: converting the chicken shed into a new chapel space and two ensuite bedrooms, the installation of a borehole to provide water to the property, building work in the farmhouse creating a large kitchen / dining room, renovation of the conservatory, landscaping of the outside space including the planting of more than 50 trees and most recently, renovation of the chapel ruins with a grant from Historic England.

Our Father God has prepared NCF as a place for people to come and be restored. Christian key workers are invited to come and stay at NCF on a self-catering basis, either alone, in teams, or with their families. In addition, the Trustees of NCF host events throughout the year that are open to anyone to attend.

NCF is much more than a Suffolk holiday home. We believe it is a place of blessing; a ‘thin’ place as the Celtic Christians called it, where the presence of God is very real to people.

Check out our Mission statement for more details.

In 2018 the NCF registered charity was formed to support the work at NCF (Registered Charity Number 1179251).

The charity exists to establish and maintain a centre for restoration at NCF.

The way God led Richard and Claire to NCF was amazing. Check out this video to hear Richard tell the story:

Watch a video from July 2017 describing the renovation of the chicken shed into what is now known as ‘Bethel’