Mission statement

The primary aim of NCF is to bless Christian key workers, along with Christians in positions of leadership and teams involved in gospel mission and ministry. NCF also supports restoration by providing a space for teams or groups to get away together and do work that aligns with the restorative purposes of the kingdom of God. The vision is that, through the Holy Spirit’s empowering, NCF will be used to bring restoration locally, nationally and globally.

Based on Isaiah 61: 1-6, the vision for NCF is to provide a place that enables:

  • The good news of the gospel to reach the poor
  • The broken-hearted to be healed
  • The enslaved to be set free
  • Those in darkness to find the light
  • Those who mourn to be comforted
  • Beauty to replace ashes
  • Joy to replace mourning
  • Praise to replace despair

We use the term Christian key worker to mean Christians employed by churches, charities or other organisations in the UK or abroad. Our focus is on Christians working in areas of social deprivation where need is great, and resources are few, usually in an urban context. Within this definition, we include anyone living by faith in a missionary context in the UK or abroad. We are also interested in engaging with individuals or groups doing restorative work (where the work aligns with part of the Isaiah 61 definition) but who may not be faith based in their approach.

In practical terms, NCF facilities are available to the aforementioned groups to provide:

  • a place of privacy and peace for individual or small group retreat / rest
  • a place for relaxation with friends or family
  • a place for kingdom related teamwork

The vision of NCF also includes seeing those who do not know God restored into a right relationship with him through saving faith in his son Jesus Christ. To this end, there are different opportunities throughout the year for visitors to come to events hosted by the NCF team. These times are about hospitality and blessing and provide an opportunity to find out more about the Christian faith. All are welcome to attend these events.

Individuals or groups interested in using NCF facilities must agree to the terms and conditions of use. Use of NCF’s facilities is at the discernment of the NCF Charity Trustees who have the final say on all decisions and reserve the right to decline any booking request.