We are a small group of Jesus’ friends looking after 3.2 acres of land in Suffolk that we believe has a special place in God’s heart and a unique role to play in the coming of His kingdom. The story began miraculously and the things we have experienced since then have confirmed that this calling is supernatural and holy. This is not our project or work. This is a work of the Holy Spirit to bring glory and honour to the name of Jesus. We get to watch and wonder.

Our Facility

There are two buildings at NCF

You may book either independently or both together.


5-bedroom farmhouse (sleeps 10)

2-bedroom Bethel chapel building (sleeps 4)

A Place of Restoration

The primary aim of NCF is to bless Christian key workers, along with Christians in positions of leadership and teams involved in gospel mission and ministry. NCF also supports restoration by providing a space for teams or groups to get away together and do work that aligns with the restorative purposes of the kingdom of God. The vision is that, through the Holy Spirit’s empowering, NCF will be used to bring restoration locally, nationally and globally.